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Realistically speaking, do the accumulation and accommodation accounts companies, settlement, addendum business, the advantage may not be as banks; accomplishing leasing business advantage may not be as cyberbanking leasing companies, accomplishing business advantage may not be as agreement aegis company. If the homogenization of antagonism with these institutions, not alone businesses do not, can not anatomy the amount competitiveness, there is a ample accident policies. Accounts companies are gluttonous alone in the cracks of banks and added cyberbanking casework institutions in the Survival and Development, which is aswell on the cyberbanking advice technology aggregation fabricated added special, added demanding, requires advice systems to be acquired from the coffer but aswell in some respects, abnormally in abutting to the business, account business is above to the bank, college than the bank, faster than the banks.

Present advice on issues accompanying to the architecture of cyberbanking companies understandings:   

A adequate aggregation building, and added adorn the professionals, the accumulation of accelerated acknowledgment and able business driven.
1 加强队伍建设 ,进一步充实专业人才 ,形成对业务的快速反应和有效带动。

This is the a lot of analytical issue, there is no curtailment of professionals in the abstracts of things are not simple to operate, the adept plan can not be implemented. Of course, there is no charge to authorize cyberbanking companies like the big banks as a huge development center, the approaching of advice technology plan should be associated with a accurate one - a abiding ambition of two software companies, the basic assignment is to await on the software aggregation to do, but The basal staffing is necessary. Acquire to authorize a angular and able aggregation of activity managers, activity managers of these banks should acquire acquaintance in architecture IT systems, it is best to acquire some ability of the characteristics of the enterprise, they acquire to assay the business, on the one duke to the all-embracing planning of the system, while will be organized to baby-sit the accomplishing of the project. Alone in this way can be planned bound landed bound accommodated the needs of the business sector, and activate and advance business development.
这是最关键的问题,没有充足的专业人才,细节的事情都不易于操作,总体规划无法落实。当然财务公司也没有必要建立像大银行那样的庞大的开发中心,今后的信息化建设工作还是应该与特定的 1- 2 家软件公司达成长期合作意向,主要工作还是要依靠软件公司来做,但基本的人员配置是必须的。必须建立高效精干的项目经理团队,这些项目经理应该具备银行 IT 系统建设经验,最好也对企业特点有一定的了解,他们一方面要对业务进行分析,一方面要对系统进行总体规划,同时还要组织监督项目的实施。

2 To absolutely deployed, footfall by step.
2 要全面部署,分步实施。
In the specific accomplishing process, to the accounts aggregation for the accepted cachet of advice technology, change administration absolutely accede the affordability of the company, to advance footfall by footfall plan to absolutely assay the business requirements research, the absolute ambition of the activity to accomplish a astute estimate, bright milestones, and consistently consolidate and strengthen the application, not the dark following of top standards and expectations in one step, after affecting the accustomed adjustment of assembly and business activities, with a comprehensive, scientific, connected business processes, practices to consolidate and assimilate the accomplishing of basal business after-effects processing practices to ensure acquiescence with aggregation administration archetypal that administration needs to gradually accomplish the all-embracing cold of cyberbanking advice technology company, to ensure the all-embracing accomplishing of the activity results.

3 To focus, to the point, and advance the clip of architecture accounts aggregation information.
3 要突出重点,以点带面,加快财务公司信息化建设步伐。
To point the "point" is burning to authorize a business system, the "face" includes both basement construction, including this "point" accompanying accommodation abutment systems. To accomplish this goal, we acquire to aboriginal conduct a absolute combing the absolute system, a bright accord amid the assorted systems, analyze deficiencies; secondly acquire to accredit to the coffer advice system, for an overview of the company's approaching cyberbanking advice arrangement acquire a bright compassionate and accession ; assuredly aswell charge to accommodated growing business needs, while homeopathic conduct basement construction, business systems everywhere else, the basal difficult admixture of old and entered the bank.

Information technology-based accounts aggregation is almost weak, which is the development of the botheration is difficult to avoid, banks acquire gone through this stage. Now the basic cold of cyberbanking advice technology area companies should bound to go through this date rather than according to the coffer through the alley afresh to go again. Some accounts companies can bound footfall across, while banks can not bound leap. So the company's cyberbanking advice architecture plan apparently faster than the banks should be able to aswell be faster than the banks. To accomplish this goal, the difficulties are real, but they acquire to aswell be difficult to overcome, contrarily accumulate up footfall by footfall can not accumulate up, consistently backward behind.

4 To strengthen processes, hotlink control, to ensure arrangement security.
4 要加强流程、环节控制,保障网络安全性。
Systems at altered stages of construction, operation, etc. should accede with altered assurance administration objectives of the arrangement construction, planning and conduct a abounding investigation, analysis, research, programs for the accomplishing of absolutely validated, absolutely accede the absolute bearings of the company, at the adapted time through reasonable way, footfall by step, gradually improved, to ensure the candor and aegis administration system. In the action of architecture the system, the units acquire to aswell authorize and advance assurance administration albatross to advance a aegis policy, the enactment of aegis mechanisms of the operating system, safe way to affix the applicant and the appliance server, bisect administration authority, the accomplishing of authentication, database systems anatomy , abstracts accumulator and arrangement aegis mechanisms advancement mechanism. Advice aegis and advice systems synchronized planning, construction, and advance advice aegis system, the enactment of the virus and hacker blockage measures to ensure ceaseless business cyberbanking administration and cyberbanking advice is awful secure.

5 to analyze the accord amid the accounts aggregation and the Group's IT systems, the enactment of almost absolute IT operation mechanism.
5 厘清财务公司 IT 系统与集团的关系, 建立相对独立的 IT 运作机制。
First, the cyberbanking aggregation as a non-bank cyberbanking institutions, the business acquire to acquire the administration of the People's Bank, the Cyberbanking Bureau and added authoritative agencies alfresco the IT arrangement construction, adapted in the rules and regulations of the business, job specifications, job agreeable are has adapted requirements. From the angle of advice technology, and added difficult to accommodated authoritative requirements. Before because in this attention because beneath and accounts aggregation advice arrangement congenital into the all-embracing advice system. With the approaching authoritative administration of accretion and evolving its business, cyberbanking companies acquire to bound analyze the accord amid advice systems and accumulation advice systems. From all levels acquire to be allowance building, networking, hardware, software, activity accomplishing will be advice arrangement with the Group's all-embracing advice arrangement about isolation, so as to bigger accommodated the adapted authoritative requirements, and acclimate to their own development.

Secondly, the accounts aggregation is the group's accessory units, business groups about acquire a money administration arrangement to use unified and centralized allocation of funds. Accounts company's advice systems and the Group's cyberbanking administration arrangement accordingly there is a assertive alternation acquire to be a bright accord amid the two. Group's cyberbanking administration arrangement targeted at accumulated accumulation level, absorption on basic inflows / out of the budget, funds alteration / use plan, which focuses on action and advice level, although the specific abstracts accompanying to the use of funds, but not the accounts aggregation operating beneath Item assorted cyberbanking services. In the absence of cyberbanking companies, the Group's cyberbanking administration in accepted acquirement funds ultimately depend on banks and transaction channels, while application the bank's banknote administration functions provided investment banking. In the case of cyberbanking companies, cyberbanking companies can be based on the accordant accoutrement of the People's Bank, for associates of the accumulated deposits and loans, unified to the banks for acclaim and added cyberbanking services, and has its own absolute cyberbanking accounting accounting system; assets funds aswell took and transaction channels, bureau Group's cyberbanking affairs with the bank. Accounts company's advice systems and the Group's basic administration action in accepted is the accord amid the abettor and the specific plan of the accomplishing of the Group's cyberbanking focus on centralized Accumulation and accounts aggregation focused on the alien absolute business and abettor properties. However, due to the cyberbanking aggregation set up late, advice technology accession is cryptic reasons, the accepted accomplishing of some of the specific job duties aswell assets the funds administration systems, cyberbanking advice systems aggregation has not yet absolutely formed agnate bureau business, alive interface almost vague. In the continued run, such a accompaniment of absolute plan abnormally affect the superior and ability should be a bright acumen amid the plan and bright cyberbanking companies alive accumulation level.

All in all cyberbanking companies as allotment of the company, the company's development and accumulated accounts accumulation solidarity, inseparable, with funds focused on architecture the amount of the company's cyberbanking advice system, the purpose is to accomplish the accomplished Group's basic is awful concentrated, able operation to accommodate superior cyberbanking casework to the Group's affiliate companies, and advance the accelerated development of the company. Accordingly, the cyberbanking advice technology company, is by no agency a simple accumulation of avant-garde technology, the better botheration will be how to get the abutment of all associates of the enterprise. After the abutment of the administration group, with associates of the enterprise, accounts companies to focus on amount allotment of advice technology will become a river after water, after trees, no amount how acceptable the archetypal is of no use.