英国MBA商学院 thesis:营销计划-企业语言课程

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Introduction介绍 在本报告的整个过程中,Acadsoc学术平台将为实施一系列新的课程而进行评估和分析,这些课程都是企业对企业的语言课程。 Throughout this report, evaluation and analysis will be developed f
Throughout this report, evaluation and analysis will be developed for the implementation of a new series of courses by Acadsoc academic platform, which are business-to-business language lessons.
Recommendation of a new product新产品推荐
A target audience of Acadsoc’s new business language training service is companies of all scales from branches of logistics, telecommunication and retail companies which require foreign language skills to support their future or current industry operations. The possible business-related customers are generating enough profit or have attained such a considerable amount of capital that they are ready to spend more in talent development through teaching the current work force. The employees of these target businesses should perhaps not be too highly trained, that may limit the demand for the new business courses specially in the high-end service industry, for example, some consultationfirms where people are, in principle, taught to speak at least two different languages.
 虽然语言教育服务是以数字形式存储的,但是客户不需要精通技术作为使用它的先决条件。此外,与IT相关的问题由客户服务部门处理。如前所述,现有的广告宣传努力主要集中在中学教学大纲相关的学费上;这并不意味着企业无法将该领域扩展到更多与企业相关的培训。关于消费者地理位置的唯一明确要求是,在线连接足以在教师和学生之间进行视频聊天,这在技术上是可行的,上传和下载速率为500 kbps或更高。
Although the language education service is stored in digital form, the customers have no need to be tech-savvy as a prerequisite to use it. Furthermore, the IT related issues are dealt with by the customer services. As mentioned earlier, the existing advertising efforts merelyconcentrateon tuition related to secondary school syllabus; this does not signify that the business is not able to extend the area to more business-related training. The only definite requirement regarding the geographic location of the consumer is the online connection is capable enough to get a video chat between the teacher and the student, that will be technically feasible together with upload and download rate of 500 kbps or higher.
With this new service, the company can also provide more work-at-home opportunities of which the costs involved are elastic. Language teachers are willing to operate with different salaries are all around Australia, which makes cost flexible with the various prices of the respective regions. Based on Kotler and Keller (2006) ’s segmentation plan, this newly launched service and Acadsoc, showcase the process of product specialization. But, instead of a regular product specialization, where the company is attempting to sell a completely similar product to all sections of the market, the new service has been customized to satisfy the requirements of customer from different groups on a one-to-one basis separately.

Acadsoc’s market and product analysisAcadsoc的市场和产品分析

Resources available and shareholders’ considerations:
Anticipation of problems in new product development:
Growing new market and diversification of product:
New Product Analysis
Target Market
Course materials 
Course lengths 
Group sizes 
Choice of languages 
Specialized instructors 
Test marketing:
Implementation of marketing plan
Organizational improvement and training of staff

Quality competition

The existing marketing policy of other digital language education providers needs to be considered as a significant threat, which is reacted only by providing services of similar quality butwith more aggressive pricing plan along with outstanding advertising strategies. High-profile competitors mentioned from the competition analysis provide language courses in-house together with their own trusted pedagogic methods. These competitions must be examined thoroughly hereafter, and also some of their methods instructed to freelancer teachers of this enforcement firm, in order to better achieve improved learning results and more standardized instruction methods. Therefore, reaching teachers with history of being employed by these rival businesses could prove to be a valuable source of information and experience. Information safety is a significant concern on the electronic market and the role of it will only increase from that aspect as the customer database increases and amount of private info will increase. For the company, this becomes even much more topical when the sum of business-to-businesscustomers increases, as corporations of all sizes needs to and ought to be concerned with the potential risks that neglected information security problems. The digital instruction platform, the site and therefore the entire business-to-business orientation of the company is now completely reliant on technological understanding, expertise and infrastructure of a website. If something unpredictable were to happen for this particular provider, it will mean the “fullstop” for the company. For situations like this, a backup program should be implemented to ensure data security. 


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