business english论文: Computech公司的员工招聘和选拔策略

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Recruitment and Selection strategy for Computech

Standard and systematic approach to the recruitment helps a company to achieve its goals in human resource procurement. 标准和系统的招聘方法能帮助企业在人力资源的采购中实现目标。Advantages in the professional approaches helps the efficiency of the workers and consequently results in higher productivity. 专业方法的优点在于有助于提高工人的效率,并且进而导致较高的生产率。 In Computech, there is a lack of a power pact recruitment and selection strategy. 在Computech缺乏一个有力的招聘和选择策略。 The company has to prepare itself before the recruitment and selection. 公司必须在招聘和选拔之前作好准备。
1.Describing the job description and job profiles 职位描述和岗位简介
This method develops the description of the job and the required profiling of the employer. The competencies expected by the organization are explained in the job profiles. It includes the purpose, reporting relationships and the targets. This can be achieved through formal training and identifying the competencies for the particular job.

2.Detailing the person详细介绍人员
Knowledge, skills and abilities form the core conditions for the individual. 知识、技能和能力,形成个人的核心条件。However, qualifications, experiences and other major competencies form the other requirements. Purcell et al (2003) develop terms on behavior competencies which are equivalent to the organization.

3.Recruitment program/campaign招聘计划/活动
Recruitment campaigns are conducted by the management to attract potential candidates for the vacancies. 招聘活动由管理者执行以吸引潜在的候选人应聘空缺职位。Advertising, online recruitment, recruitment consultants, educational and training centers and finally Recruitment process outsourcing.

4.Process of selection选拔过程
4.1Scanning the Applications浏览应聘简历
This filtering process selects a good number of suitable candidates for the job. 此次筛选过程挑选一定数量的工作的合适人选。After short listing the selected candidates, the HR manager can call for an interview.

4.2Selecting the interview panel from top management从高层管理人员中选择面试小组
The interview panel should be fair and respect every candidate. The questions for the interview should be clear and specific. A planned and structured interview helps the management in finding the qualified and the right individual.

4.3Interviewing 面试
Structured interview is conducted to deeply study an individual. This process aids in identifying the pros and cons in an individual. There are many interviewing techniques; behavioral based interview, situational based interview and biographical interview. Based on the interview the management rates the person. Face to face communication is an added advantage and helps both the management and the candidate.

A valid and reliable process of rating a person based on the score in abilities, knowledge, personality and aptitude tests. Analyzing the candidate from his/her performances in the tests and interpreting the results is the purpose of the tests. There are standard inventories for identifying the performance of a person in skills, knowledge, intelligence and aptitude. S Nowadays, Psychological tests (British Psychological Society, 2007) are gaining popularity.

5.Induction 介绍
Soon after choosing the candidate for the job, the new employee is introduced to the company and its employees.为工作选完职员之后很快,新职员将被介绍给公司和它的原有职员。 The induction is a preliminary program to accustom the employee to the new environment and new people. One of the key features of the induction training is to understand the work culture and related environments. The major advantage of this process is to evade the situation of employee leaving the organization. Taylor (2002) believes that the pre employment phase is crucial in helping to manage expectations and thus in avoiding subsequent disillusionment in the employees.

The company must conduct formal training and workplace learning for its employees. The learning culture builds employee commitment, problem solving techniques and team learning. Needs, objectives and methods are formulated according to the development plans of the company. Competencies for a particular job can be figured which in turn assist in business plans and HR planning purposes.

A detailed and strategic approach to recruitment, selection and induction will naturally increase the company’s productivity with efficient workforce. 一份详细的战略性的招聘、选拔、和介绍方针,自然会以效率的员工队伍提高公司的生产力。These techniques are reliable and have continuity. Most of the major companies train their HR team to follow standardized policies and procedures for human resource management.